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QSoft Solutions

We are an engineering software company headquartered in Calgary, Canada. Since inception in 2002 QSoft has actively pursued continuous development of best-accuracy, productive and value-focused estimating software. We are committed to continue to exceed expectations and make QSoft Solutions a supplier of choice. 

Easy and Simple to Use

QSoft software provides a clean yet deep interface into the intricacies of the estimate. Expert systems set defaults intelligently, allowing reasonable estimates with very little effort., and deeper details that hone in on specific project conditions are easy to find and adjust as needed.

Connected to your business

QSoft works extensively with a wide array of sources and destinations for information, reading information from the Symmetry process simulator, Microsoft Excel, and CAD programs. QSoft outputs can go to excel for integration into your workflow.

Since sources of data and dialects for things like Model Dumps and PCF files are as plentiful as drops in an ocean, QSoft is available to assist with the specific translation challenges of your situation.

Contact Us

For more information, a webex demo, or a free trial, feel free to drop us a line!