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QPipe Estimator

QPipe estimates the direct costs to fabricate and install industrial process piping.  It can support a class 2 estimate in any geographical region.  Costs are estimated on a per-piece basis using our in-house price database to achieve extremely accurate estimates with minimum effort.


QPipe is Revolutionary

Longhand Estimating at Lightspeed


Every Nut, Every Bolt

QPipe models the construction process using exact quantities of pipe and fittings, not as a factor of equipment.  A QPipe case can be tuned to a AACE class 2 bid/tender estimate.  This is not a ballpark; this is suitable for bidding work or funding reviews.


Piping Specifications

Almost every aspect of material and process selection are driven by industry-standard piping specs.  Never miss an inclusion, never select an inappropriate material.
Never miss.


Consistency and Efficiency

QPipe's user interface is crafted to keep selections consistent and support the takeoff estimating process with maximum efficiency.


Estimating is Costly

Cost estimates are detailed and time-consuming.  QPipe saves up to 60% of the estimating time and brings a deep understanding of costs forward into the early project stages.

QPipe contains our proprietary 500,000-price database and uses advanced artificial intelligence to deliver consistent and reliable results.  Every piece of piping material, every fitting, every valve, every discrete construction and test process,  all accounted for on a per-item basis.

Spec Driven

QSoft uses piping specifications to vastly simplify the estimating process.  Piping specs define many details from material selection to testing processes.

Proprietary Cost Database

QSoft keeps an eye on world conditions using a variety of sources.  Our proprietary database contains over 500,000 discrete material prices and 30,000 material-specific shop and labour rates.  The database is updated yearly to reflect current conditions.

Flexible Input and Output

QSoft is always committed to helping you integrate your work processes with ours for maximum benefit.  The less information needs to be handled manually the better.

QPipe provides better piping estimates with up to 60% less work, earlier in the process than conventional techniques. 


Artificial Intelligence

QPipe embodies the estimating expertise of a 30 year estimating veteran, and uses AI techniques to ensure project specifications are consistent and reasonable, and nothing is left out.


Earlier Numbers

QPipe enables better and earlier estimates, meaning that your bids are tighter, your projects are more profitable, and your decisions are wiser.


More Jobs Bid

At least 2.5 times as many estimates can be done using QPipe.  This means more bids, fewer errors, more awarded jobs, and higher profit.


Competitive Edge

Higher accuracy, spec-driven estimates, reduced errors and misses, easy what-ifs, real-time currencies, and global geographic regions mean an edge on your competition due to better and more timely knowledge.


Detailed Results

Extensive reports detail results down to the individual line and can be exported to Excel for easy use in your workflow.


Easy Defaults, Detailed Tuning

Results based on limited early information are produced quickly using intelligent defaults.  As more information is available, the case can be tuned to a very accurate level.

QSoft knows the estimating process, and makes available the most powerful tools to capture the best information you have on hand in the easiest manner.


Enterprise Workflow Integration QPipe maps to your company's piping specs, can read input data from Excel and CAD programs, and provides easily-used Excel reports.  The more data is automatically handled, the less expensive and error-prone manual data entry is required.  Cloud-based data storage capabilities facilitate seamless collaboration.

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