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QPlant Estimator

QPlant estimates the total installed cost of process facilities and pipelines. 

QPlant can be used early in conceptual stages of the project.  It estimates the total installed cost (TIC) for the construction of process facilities and pipelines.  It is designed as a standalone estimating tool which empowers both cost estimators and facility and pipeline designers to get an understanding of project costs very early in the project.  It can read a simulation case from the Schlumberger Symmetry (tm) process simulator, and produce a class 4 estimate with little more than the press of a button.

Conceptual Stages

QPlant's rule engine can set reasonable values for many of the details which are not known early in the project.  A case can be built up manually, or imported from an Excel sheet or Symmetry (c) simulation case.



QPlant uses embedded QPipe technology to take full advantage of QPipe's superior piping estimating capabilities.   Piping is often 50% or more of the complexity of a facility estimate.  QPlant allows a detailed early estimate of piping based on layout rules and exact prices instead of a simple factor of equipment cost, which is the standard industry practice in early stages.



Pipeline construction has a unique set of challenges that are not the same as in-facility piping.

QPlant contains industry-leading pipeline costing modules, allowing detailed consideration of many types of pipeline.  QPlant takes into account the physical pipe fabrication and then the nuances of installation in the field, considering specific site terrain types, number and types of crossings,  and other possible components like horizontal drilling or open cut, and preparing and finishing the right-of-way.

QPlant's equipment estimating functions are perfect for pumping stations and other related facilities. 

QPlant can produce a class 4 total installed cost facility estimate from a PFD, a few selections, and the press of a button.  Then, the estimate can be tuned to reflect project-specific assumptions as they become known.

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