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The QSoft Difference

There are many in-house and third party tools that are used to help with cost estimating.  QSoft Software is different in that it has been built to enhance and simplify the entire cost estimating workflow. This means our tools are carefully crafted to use the information you have easiest access to and take it from there.  The drudgework of translating linear measurements off a set of drawings into the areas, volumes, and times needed for costing is eliminated, as are the laborious back-and-forths between books, specs, the web, vendors, and subcontractors for prices, rates, and other information. 

Many in-house and commercial tools can help with parts of the estimating process; QSoft software can improve your whole workflow.

Our solutions have value because they reduce the time and effort required to do an estimate, while improving the accuracy.

Up to 60% of the time spent can be saved.  

Cost estimating is an expensive if necessary part of building or renovating a process facility.  QSoft software dramatically reduces the amount of repetitive drudgery in going back and forth between books and documents and vendors, while increasing the estimate consistency.

An average 1 in 10 jobs bid results in winning a contract.  QSoft tools mean more jobs bid, more jobs won.

Return on Investment

Our value thesis lies in quantifying the savings that can be achieved using QSoft software.  This table shows the potential savings on a number of different-sized projects.

Project Size

The larger the average projects, the larger the potential savings.  On a $100 million project the use of our technology could save 95 hours of the estimate.

Payback Period

For all project sizes, a busy estimator stands to achieve payback on the software in less than 2 months.


The return on investment on the software lease fee can achieve 500% on labour savings.  This is irrespective of better accuracy and improved project decisions.


Contact Us

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