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Cost Estimating 

The Cost Estimators Workflow

Cost Estimating Workflow and Saving Time and Effort  

QPipe and QPlant have been created to save the number of hours needed to build a quality estimate by automating many parts of the process.  Putting together an estimate is a process that involves many steps and stages, each of which requires various interactions with sources of cost, labour, regional, geographic, and other information.  These interactions require time and effort and introduce delays.

The below diagram shows many of the steps in an estimate.  The lines and arrows represent dependencies between stages of estimate and sources of information 


Project Lifecycle Savings and Outcomes  

The traditional estimating workflow involves many pieces of data flowing between many separate sources. These take work, actual time, and are difficult to piece together. The estimator is constantly going back and forth between drawings, calculating quantities based on takeoffs, referring to price books, industry data and historical information, talking to vendors, getting subcontract bids. All the lines on the above diagram represent time, work, and money. QSoft aims to cut out most of this drudgery.


An Easier Process with More Repeatable Outcomes 

In the QSoft workflow, the user sets up the assumptions, specifies or imports equipment and lines, and lets QSoft do the rest. A proprietary 500,000-price database and sophisticated AI techniques are used to deliver a quality estimate with minimal input relative to longhand techniques. As project specifics become more well known, a multitude of assumptions can be tuned to bring the estimate into alignment with project conditions.  All assumptions are saved into an estimate basis which can be re-used on the next project.

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