We are committed to providing innovative and competitive alternatives that are cost-effective and user-friendly solutions in today's highly competitive hi-tech environment, by fostering mutually beneficial relationships with all our customers and corporate alliances.

    Industry studies have shown the average industrial project estimate expends a minimum of 40% of its total compilation time and budget developing ONLY the process piping component and that the average Contract success rate for these proposals is less than one in ten.

    Our business decisions are guided by priorities and a focus on opportunities where we can develop outstanding solutions, establish a competitive advantage and deliver significant value through measureable results.

    Dramatic cost savings are realized by reducing the massive number of wasted man-hours for both the project Estimators and Vendors on proposals that much too often, never become projects or sales.

If your business depends upon quality estimating, then you need QSoft software. For the costing of industrial pipe fabrication and installation, QPipe Estimator is the solution for developing high quality, no-miss estimates, in less time. This means more project wins or approvals and having the confidence in knowing your projects piping budget has a substantially lower risk of overrun.

For general plant cost estimating needs, we are pleased to present QPlant Estimator. QPlant estimates the total construction cost of a facility as a whole, and in addition to leveraging QPipe technology for process piping, it is able to take a process flow diagram and make intelligent decisions about plant and pipe rack layout, selection and sizing of equipment and materials, enabling a detailed and reasonable understanding of plant costs very early in the project lifecycle, even when the process is still being designed.

QSoft’s cutting edge estimating software greatly simplifies cost estimating, delivering a unique solution for Engineers, Constructors and Owner-Operators of the Oil, Gas, Power, Petrochemical, LNG, Pulp and Paper and Mining Industries.



Owner or Engineering pipe specification class names are mapped into a proprietary QSoft Class, allowing the Owner's or Engineer's specifications to drive your estimate's material selection, code specific and subcontract requirements and all piping component calculation details. Never miss a single detail. Not a safety test, not a single fitting, stud, flange, cut or weld. Ever.


Owners can quickly verify vendor project proposals, supporting their decision processes and reducing exposure to inflated TIC costs. Engineers and Constructors can quickly and accurately address multiple estimates with confidence, increasing their success ratio, operating cost efficiency, and profits.


Simple MTO quantity imports, spec-driven calculations, and a simple intuitive user interface reduce the amount of time required to compile the process piping component of your estimate by up to 85%. QPipe will help eliminate errors and misses and consistently provide accurate costing, utilizing rule-based traditional long hand methods at light speed.


Consistency and repeatability are fundamental features of using QSoft estimating tools. QPipe and QPlant simplify time-consuming tasks, allowing you to quickly adjust and recalculate. Current and historical data can be stored, retrieved and manipulated with repeatability and consistency.


QPipe and QPlant provide key selectable options at each step of the estimating process, using engineering intelligence to determine reasonable and appropriate defaults while also allowing for you to override the defaults to hone in on more accurate results and produce a more nuanced and accurate estimate.


QPipe uses a proprietary database of over 500,000 discrete material prices and 30,000 material-specific shop and field labour rates, and models the construction process meticulously and comprehensively. It does not rely on historical rule-of-thumb approximations. This results in extremely accurate and detailed estimates through a wide range of regions and conditions. QSoft provides a yearly update to reflect current world conditions.