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Cost Estimating Software for the Process Industries

QSoft Solutions develops and supports the QPlant and QPipe cost estimating software packages.  Our software is designed to support the the cost estimating workflow to save time and money while increasing accuracy and repeatability.


QPipe - Industrial Process Piping Cost Estimating Software

QPipe estimates the direct fabrication and installation costs of industrial piping across a wide variety of locations and conditions.

Cases can be built in the QPipe case builder, imported via Excel, or from PCF CAD files.


QPlant - Facility and Pipeline Total Installed Cost Estimating Software

QPlant estimates the total construction cost of process facilities and pipelines.  It can take a process simulation and determine appropriate physical equipment and piping quantities to allow an extremely efficient cost estimating cycle during process design iterations with minimal construction and cost estimating expertise.

Numerous custom construction discipline import Excel workbooks are available to make takeoff activities on serious estimates as efficient as possible.

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